Welcome to human laundry .I am the manager Chinyurin.
If there was a laundry shop that can wash any part of your body which part will you choose?Some people choose thier brains to  forget about worries. Some people choose their large intestines to gain special powers.Some people choose their lungs to rest or etheir health. Some people choose their blood,some people choose their odour .Some people choose to doubt.While some people think that there is no need for washing. We agree with everything you think .Why the name is human laundry ?I believe meaning of “人間” is more universal and encompan-ing than “人類”.Most of our customers come to us with worries and emotionals tress.However in reality ,we are unable to solve their problems on a material level.We are aech a facet of society ,a miniature reflection it. The stress and problems we have are not individual,we are common across society.Regardless of how temporal it may be, I hope the human laundry can relief cust omers of their problems and realise some of their fantasy .I also hope that people facing same problems will realise they are not alone and we all share such problems some-times.We have many more similarities between us than we think we do.We are all in this ditch but with hope,we will continuing surviving.