什么是⼈间洗衣房? 人间洗衣房以地球为活动范围提供远程代客清洗业务,清洗内容包括皮肤、器官、组织、细胞、记忆等可见或不可见的部分。


客人带着烦恼进店,产生烦恼的根源在生活里,明白不解决它不行,⽽生活永不停歇的⻮轮上奔跑人,总有想放弃抵抗的时候。 我们只是构成社会的一片拼图,也可以说是社会巨大光谱中的⼀个窥镜。 设⽴人间洗衣房的初衷其实不在去解决谁的问题,我也不认为单单一件作品能真正解决别人的问题。谈话过程对于客人来说是某种意义上的释放,更重要的是在我希望在这⾥呈现人作为社会动物的烦恼。人可以被缩小成数字,也可以放⼤成不同的宇宙。 同在一个时代背景下的人群,有着相似的叹息,也抱着各自的希望生活下去。

Welcome to the human laundry .I am the manager Chinyurin.

What is the Human Laundry?

The Human Laundry offers remote cleaning services on a global scale, targeting both visible and invisible elements such as skin, organs, tissues, cells, and memories. The laundry shop selects suitable cleaning or care methods based on the material and form of the area to be cleaned, as well as the client's specific requests. Clothes, hair, skin, shoes—these are things that can be physically cleaned. They may not become new again, but they can be made clean. However, while life itself cannot be washed away, there are inevitably things people wish to forget or discard.

Customers enter the shop with their troubles, stemming from their lives. They understand that they cannot ignore these issues, yet running on the relentless treadmill of life, there are moments when one feels like giving up. We are merely a piece of the puzzle that constitutes society, or one lens in the vast spectrum of society.

The initial purpose of establishing the Human Laundry is not to solve anyone's problems. I don't believe a single work can truly solve someone else's problems. The conversation process serves as a form of release for the customer. More importantly, I aim to present here the worries of humans as social animals. People can be reduced to numbers, or they can be expanded into different universes. Those living in the same era share similar sighs but live on with their individual hopes.